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CBD oil is made by extracting the compound CBD from the leaves, flowers and stalks of a hemp plant, then the extract is purified and dissolved in the oil. In this way, a preparation with a specific concentration is obtained, which can be easily dosed.

Recent years have shown considerable research interest in CBD as it shows many promising properties. The main advantage of CBD and products containing it is that it is a non-narcotic substance, as it contains small traces of THC at most. In the European Union, the maximum allowable amount may not exceed 0.2%. Usually preparations containing CBD oil do not contain THC at all, which means that they have no intoxicating properties and are therefore completely legal and readily available.


Until recently, CBG oil was not very common and not readily available for a mass audience. This was due to the difficult availability of CBG - the cannabis contained only a small amount of it. Due to the possibility of extracting a small amount of this compound, it was not of interest to researchers like other cannabinoids.

Nowadays, thanks to specially bred and cultivated industrial cannabis strains, CBG has become very accessible. In these special plant varieties, it is found in extremely high concentrations with very low concentrations of other cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Consequently, CBG oil is becoming more widely available.